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Space-age foam Mattress History and Buyers Guide

During the late 60's we all know that the youth of United states, including myself, erupted with displeasure on how things had been done. The Vietnam battle fueled this fire. There was much unrest as to why i was involved in the first place. Yesterday I had developed a Vietnam war experienced in my showroom and I asked him if he actually knew why he had battled? His answer was "they gave us a lot of motives but none of them produced any sense". I then asked him if he would love to know real reason. The guy immediately answered "YES". Here is the common answer you will find upon wiki. answers. com -- France controlled Vietnam involve that much WWII when Japan required it over. After WWII Asia was forced to give up the place. Vietnam began a strong Nationalist movement in the time the fact that followed when France begun to regain control of Vietnam. They will fought up to where the range between North and South Vietnam used to exist. Many people later gave up after a soft battle at Dienbenphu. Until this point The US had just been funding the battle. The US was funding this for two reasons: one, to enhance relations with France, and two, to stop the spread of communism. However following the French lost the US delivered troops in (in small amounts at first) to prevent North Vietnam from overpowering South Vietnam thus so that it is communist. That's pretty much ways it started. As Paul Harvey would say inches and now for the rest of the story". During the early 50's and all sorts of the way through the mid seventies, Sears was famous for their very own "rubber mattresses". They were secure, durable and very heavy. Take a look at, they were made of latex silicone. Another product made with acrylic rubber are tires. Vietnam has some of the best rubber shrub plantations in the world and Adams companies like Michelin set claim to them. Then Vietnam was considered a mexican Territory. But when the Vietnam government tried to nationalize the rubber tree plantations the first country the Adams called for help was, nonetheless, the good ol US of any. They wanted us to shield their investment under the cover of thwarting communism. After we got involved the France pretty much ran for the hills and left you and me holding the bag. The others as they say is history. The war disrupted greatly the flow of latex into your U. S. and eventually latex mattresses completely disappeared through the American marketplace around 1975. It was about that time the fact that waterbeds became the new trend. I remember traveling from home furniture show to furniture present setting up our waterbeds hoping of attracting new retail store buyers. At that time the polyfoams also started to get a establishment on the bedding market. The business I worked for position the two ideas together as one. Foam edges, water in the middle. It was called a hybrid because doing so was a waterbed that searched just like a regular spring king size bed. These beds took over the specialty bedding market from late 70's into the mid 80's. We baby boomers just did not want to settle just for the traditional rock hard mattresses the doctors and chiropractors advised. From the mid 80's came the "pillow top" understructure. New manufacturing techniques facilitated us to make bigger, plumper mattresses. This became the most recent rage plus the added reward for manufacturers was they could now sell comfort, not durability. More frequent yield was the name of the game. With the new found comfort came lowered durability. All that fluff will simply hold up for a short period of time before that flattens out causing deep body impressions. We did not seem to care because sleeping on a cloud was well worth the price we had to pay every couple of years to change it for new one. Let's settle now to Vietnam. Natural rubber has a long background in Vietnam. The initial plantation was founded in 1897, during the era of Adams colonialism. With the end in the Vietnam War, the Chinese government set out to once again set up Vietnam as a major aliéner of Natural Rubber. The industry was reinvigorated with a US$ 32 million mortgage loan from the World Bank on 1996 to improve rubber acrylic processing technology to international standards. Rubber tree farms are located in the tropical To the south of the country. The total silicone tree plantation area for Vietnam is 360, 000 hectares (900, 000 acres) and the average annual result of Natural Rubber can be 250, 000 metric tons. Vietnam's output of Organic Rubber is growing at a rate 15% per year as additional hectares are planted and fresh trees reach maturity and they are put into rubber latex development. These developments helped to bring back latex mattresses to the United. S. marketplace. Latex Worldwide, latexfoam. com, was the initial to bring back these wonderful beds. I noticed an ad in your industry publication and quickly called to get my first sample. Since 1997 my company, Arizona Premium Raised air bed Co., has specialized in these kinds of mattresses with no regrets. Concerning this same time another froth mattress started to make it's mark in the specialty mattress. Memory foam was developed as a space age material. NASA produced the first generation of memory foam in the 1970s. Memory foam had characteristics of both fresh and solid. You could decide to put your hand into the surface in the substance, and when you released you could see your handprint from the material for a short time as the substance returned the original flat state. Discovering the characteristics of this fresh substance to both assist and cushion, NASA imagined it would be a good idea to use it inside the space shuttle, as a way to decrease the G-force impact on astronauts' physiques during take-off. NASA sooner or later abandoned it after knowing it became too brittle due to aging process. This is something you all need to consider when looking into any kind of poly-foam raised air bed. A Swedish company the fact that had worked with NASA for the project continued playing around with all the urethane substance and, immediately after ten years of research, generated a version that supposedly would not become brittle over time. It was a spongy plastic similar to gelatin, whose open cellular material could collapse under pressure, drive the air pockets to different cells, and then return to type. The second generation of the memory foam had now been created. Tempur-Pedic® originally introduced that "memory foam" to the community and started selling the material to hospitals for raised air bed overlays to help patients who also suffered from chronic bed sores. Patients reported that these terme conseillé had greatly reduced pressure factors and soreness on joint capsules. Based on their success within the medical field, Tempur-Pedic® released memory foam to the world during the early 1990s. Initially the values they charged were from the scale but with increased competitiveness they were forced to bring all of them back to reality. As of today, space-age foam now costs more than the identical latex foam. After all, polyurethane foam is an oil-based derivative of polyurethane. For more information on everything that memory foam customers are saying head over to chem-tox. com/guest/guestbook. html Notice - you may be shocked at what you read. Now to get what's happening today Is the United States shifting it's obtaining habits back to the basics? In years past folks did not have to worry as to what potentially harmful chemicals were inside their mattresses. Today, that was not true any more. With the verse of federal law CFR 1633 manufacturers are now forced to incorporate flame retardant chemicals that might or may not be healthy pertaining to consumers. As time passes I'm sure the truth will come out but this kind of law should never have occured in the first place. The main backers with this law were of course the important mattress manufacturers commonly known in my industry as the 4 s's. They ranted and raved how this could save so many lives, specifically those who smoked in bed. My answer is bulls-. This law acquired one clear intention, to make it very difficult on the family owned mattress shops to keep their doors open. Guess what America, they succeeded. I have a lot of friends in this industry and a lot are like myself, a family had company who is now struggling to keep it's very doors open. In a downturn economy with cost of goods soaring, they have becoming near impossible to show a profit. Add to the idea the burden of having to modele and burn each understructure model at a cost of over $500 ea. additionally two confirmation burns equaling over $1500 in testing fees. Most companies offer within least 10 different models techniques the math. That's an average cost of $15, 000 for each family owned just to comply with the new legislation and that does not even range from the cost of manufacturing each bed for burning or transportation of all those mattresses. The complete costs can equal two times that amount. Is the real goal of this new law growing to be clear now? I just found out the one of the largest fire barrier manufactures has just closed it's doors. Does which means that that I now have to start all over again? Retest everything since We were using their barriers in my specifications? I sincerely hope not really or like so many other folks I might have to re-think if perhaps this business is really worth it.. The need to have a "green" or "organic" mattress is raising to the point that we are overwhelmed with calls for this kind of item. We do offer this kind of item but as I talked about we are still required to set a fire barrier around each of our all natural latex mattresses. The good news is loophole in this new regulation and that is with a doctor as well as chiropractors prescription for a not fire retardant mattress. We are stimulating all of our mattress customers to discover such a prescription and even have got a chiropractor working with us to provide such relief from government regulations. Who wants to be told they must sleep on a chemically cured mattress anyway? Bottom line can there be is a solution to this problem plaguing my industry. We need to use the cracks just like the major companies carry out all the time. It's time to neglect otherwise you can kiss you mom and pop shops goodbye permanently and be bound to whims of major corporations. By the way, have anyone notice the price of gas lately?

Post by fatlegacy6618 (2017-08-17 05:34)


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